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I Got a Feeling

(that tonight’s gonna be a good night)

When we are honoring someone for a birthday, retirement, or any other reason, Musical Scripts are one of my favorite go-to’s for laughs and to get people singing….even dancing.

Remember that great scene from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where the wedding guests all break into, “Say a Little Prayer for you”?   With Musical Scripts, you can have that, too!

The best part is that it gets people focused on the same thing — not in separate conversations.    Here’s how it works.


YPTU Clip Art Music BookSONG CHOICE:

I’ll Have to Say I Love You

In a Song

First, write a short script about the person’s life or the specific occasion that is being celebrated.  Then tune it up with music!

That means interspersing songs within the written story.

Second, create a playlist with the songs you chose, lined up in the specific order in which they will be used.

At the party, read the script and play the songs at the appropriate time. Simple as that!

Usually, I’ll play the song just long enough to make people laugh and sing along; then we return to the script and the next song.



Rhythm is Gonna Get You

To give you some inspiration, here’s the Musical Script for our retirement party for Joyce and Joyce by the Circle of Angels:


This is a story about a woman named Joyce, and another woman named Joyce. They not only share the same name, but this year they also shared a very important milestone in their lives. First, we have Joyce A, who has spent many long hard days teaching in an innercity public classroom. When it got really bad, she could be heard exclaiming:

HELP! (The Beatles)

Then there is Joyce B. She worked at the IRS, a name that sends shivers up the spine of the ordinary citizen. But she loved it. Every day on her way home, she played her theme song:

TAXMAN (The Beatles)

Both Joyce’s are very faith-filled women. On their tough days, this song reverberated in their heads:

DAY BY DAY (Godspell)

They knew the time for retirement was drawing near – and they were ready. All they needed was:

GOOD TIMIN’ (The Beach Boys)

Of course, retirement cannot happen without those official papers arriving in the mail. Beginning about last year, they awaited each day the postman’s arrival:


It finally happened. Though Joyce B. lives a distance from us, one afternoon we could all hear her raising her voice in song – and we all knew it was for real.

AMAZING GRACE (Judy Collins)

Not long ago, I heard a car with the stereo blaring as it went by my house. Hearing it, I rushed out to the front yard. I caught a glimpse of Joyce A – windows down, singing out loud, hair flowing in the breeze, BIG smile on her face, while this oldie could be heard all over the neighborhood:

SCHOOL’S OUT! (Alice Cooper)

These two Joyce’s are now so happy, they could be seen dancing together down the road:

CONGA (Gloria Estefan)

Though some of us have already achieved this milestone, some of us have not. But we’re trying like heck to catch up, while they taunt us:

CATCH US IF YOU CAN (Dave Clark Five)

Don’t ask what they think of retirement, because they’ll break into another song:

THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT (KC and the Sunshine Band)

How exactly do they spend their days of leisure?


Joyce B. goes around all day singing this song:


Joyce A. is planning future road trips and vacations, and sure to be among those is:

OLD CAPE COD (Patti Page)

Both of them are even thinking of exotic vacations to faraway places. In fact, a certain theme song keeps playing in their heads.

HAWAII 5-O (The Ventures)

No matter, we love them each dearly. They’ve worked VERY hard and deserve this much-anticipated time to renew and refresh. They each realize it’s the simple things in life that really matter:


And so, Joyce and Joyce, as you embark on this incredible time of life, know that the Angel Circle is here rooting you on and wishing you all the best. We are, after all, one big happy family, and you two are a very important part of that. You have all your “sisters” here with you – Happy Retirement and God Bless!!

WE ARE FAMILY (Sister Sledge)


We even had some great dancing going on during Hawaii Five-O, We Are Family and the Conga, which made it even more fun!

It’s a nice touch to burn a CD of the songs you have used and present it to the honoree, along with a hard copy of the script. That way they can share with others and pay the fun forward.

On the next page, you’ll see a way to combine a Musical Script with a Sing-Off — an especially fun way to bring everyone together!



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