Can You Feel the Love Tonight

The reasons we gather are many. Graduations, showers, weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, retirement, holidays. Or just because.

No matter the reason, more today than yesterday it’s critical to find a reason to gather family, friends and neighbors.  Overloaded schedules have diminished the face-to-face contact and bonding that previous generations enjoyed day after day.

Now, we’re too busy working on the highway, workin’ at the car wash, draggin’ the line, answering our smartphones.

Our “five o’clock world when the whistle blows” has become more like “daylight come and me wan’ go home.”



Blowin’ in the Wind

Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same.  We are simply better together.   Much of the past may have already blown in the wind for us, but just like vinyl records and turntables, everything old can be new again!



Gathering with best girlfriends on the Massachusetts South Shore for dinner. From left, Joyce, Sally, Donna (whom we lost to cancer last year and to whom this site is dedicated) and me.


My treasures

are my












Blinded by the Light

Even in today’s harried high-tech world, we can still capture that spirit of togetherness.

There’s even a “healthy” reason to do so.  Spending time with loved ones actually reduces stress, health experts say.

Think about how great you feel after spending time with your favorite people. You’re blinded by the love and the light…..yet we put these gatherings off because we’re too stressed!


LeeAnn and friends, New Years


My daughter, LeeAnn, and her boyfriend Ryan (left) — enjoying a gathering with their best friends from New Jersey, Ashley and Rob





Friendship is precious, not only in the shade

but in the sunshine of life.

–Thomas Jefferson



You Raise Me Up

Many studies have proven that singing does the same, releasing those feel-good endorphins.   

Singing, especially in groups like choirs, choruses and among family and friends, relieves stress and leaves us feeling happy.



My daughter, Jill, sings with our church choir.


 I don’t sing

because I’m



I’m happy

because I sing.


–William James




According to the experts, laughter relieves stress and releases endorphins, too.  So, it’s not only fun to laugh, it’s healthy for us!  Here’s a quote from James J. Walsh, physician and author:

“People who laugh actually live longer than those who don’t.  Few persons realize that health actually varies according to the amount of laughter.” 

So — combine a gathering of your favorite peopleYPTU, Magic Wand JPEG

with singing and laughter….

and you can do magic!



(I’m Gonna Make This Place Your)


Social media is terrific, and it keeps us connected in too many ways to count.  I have nothing against it!

But it’s also beneficial to use “some” of that social media time to instead invite our loved ones to our homes, where our fabulous music is playing.

Smile on your brother and sister, friends and neighbors, and watch the stress fade away as the over-worked among us escape to a “midnight at the oasis” of laughter, sharing and downtime that has become too precious and few.

Make your home the place they relax, too. A warm welcome can make anyone’s day, and today it’s just what most of us need to get through our hectic lives.


                A Summer Gathering on the Screen Porch



Ready for dinner with friends on our screen porch.

For many, it’s “home”.  

Nature, friendship, laughter, chill music, candlelight — all de-stressors!





I find happiness, peace and heart’s content,

when I enter the house of a friend.   — Unknown

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