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    Prelude (Start Here)

    Time to sit back and relax.  The party begins here!

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    Everything old is new again. Gathering with loved ones, face to face, is the “new old”. There’s even health benefits to being together — and especially singing!


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    Circle of Support

    Do you know of someone going through a challenging time?  Here are some ideas for gatherings that wrap her in love, friendship and support.


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    Home Sweet Home

    Take a cue from the previous generations and rediscover entertaining at home. No need to be perfect!

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    Mom’s Party

    For my Mom’s 75th birthday party, we passed the torch to the younger generations; they did not disappoint!

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    Kick off the fun with a great musical opening; no stage experience necessary!

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    The S.T.O.P. Game

    Based on a popular children’s party game, I’ve created this game for all generations to play together. It combines three favorites: singing, trivia and prizes — a proven combination!

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    S.T.O.P Game How To’s

    Here’s all the little details on how to play the STOP game.

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    S.T.O.P. Game Challenges

    Here are some sample STOP Challenges so you can make up some of your own!

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    S.T.O.P. Game Helpful Hints

    Little details go a long way. Here are some helpful hints for the game!

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    Sing-along Parties!

    Just like generations before us, you can bring your people together with a lively sing-along, no live music necessary!


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    Best Sing-along Songs

    Here are well-known songs for sing-alongs that tune up the volume and the fun!

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    Musical Scripts

    These musical scripts are a great way to honor someone on a special occasion while tuning up your party at the same time with song — and dance!

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    Sing-off Team Challenge

    A Sing-Off Team Challenge not only bonds your guests, it brings out friendly team competition. Some people are likely to surprise you!


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    Ladies Night In

    Whether it’s Girls Night In, Girls Night Out, Ladies Night In, Ladies Night Out — gathering with girlfriends is a vital slice of life!

    Ladies Nite

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    Ladies Night In–Themes

    Plan a fun “STOP Game” Ladies Night, and theme it up!  Here are some suggested themes to try out.

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    Ladies Night Music & Trivia

    “STOP Game” Music and Trivia can be geared to your own group of girlfriends.  Here are some examples; then make up some of your own!

    Ladies Game


    Friendship Gratitude Scrolls & Dinner

    A very special evening to celebrate the bonds between girlfriends while also saying “thanks” to those BFFs who are there just when you need them.  It’s an evening no one will forget.


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    Ladies Night Out

    Ladies Nights In are always fun, but Ladies Nights Out is a great way to honor someone who deserves a little recognition, even if they tell you not to (don’t listen!)

    Night Out

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    TV Theme-Song Game

    I created this game to not only kick in the nostalgia, but also to create some spirited team competition. This trip down TV Memory Lane is guaranteed fun and laughter!

    TV Theme