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YPTU Clip Art Music BookMusic has the unfailing power to start off the party on just the right note, whether an upbeat “get down tonight” — or a chill out “mellow yellow”.

At our Circle of Angels Ladies Nights, if we’re honoring one of our girlfriends, setting the right tone often involves some sort of musical opening surprise.

Note:  It NEVER involves jumping out and yelling, Surprise!


On this page, I’ve included three of our surprise theme parties.  

Girls Night In:  Vogue … for Fashionable Fran’s milestone birthday

 —Retiring to the Garden for the two Joyce’s (who retired around the same time) 

Mission Impossible for Jackie’s retirement 

These themes can be adapted to any age group….so check them out.

YPTU Lanterns



One of our “Golden Girlfriends,” Fran (whom we call Fancy Francy), was celebrating a milestone birthday.  She gets her nickname due to her phenomenal sense of style — updated fashion mixed with class.  Coordinated from head to toe, her fashion could stand up to any young woman’s.

She also has a heart of gold, a compassion that equals her fashion sense, and has lived her life helping others.

We honored Fancy Francy with a Girls Night In – Vogue Style by setting up our family room like a fashion boutique, complete with cocktail dresses, pearls, diamonds, Tiffany boxes, evening bags, pumps, hats, shopping bags and fashion posters.




Uptown Girl

Meanwhile, Fran was back at her home waiting for her driver to pick her up.  She had no idea where she was going.

Her driver (one of the Circle of Angels) arrived carrying a scroll, which she unrolled and read to Fran:



YPTU ScrollDear Fran,

You are our favorite fashion plate,

Wherever you go, you always look great.

But fashion isn’t all that you do,

You’re also a true friend, through and through.

And so we’ll gather today to celebrate Fran,

Fashion and Friendship, it will be grand.

“Fashion du Jour Punch” is chilling for you,

If you a glass, we will, too!

Now your escort will take you as fancy as you are,

Where everyone loves you, and you are the star.



KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe guest of honor was driven to the boutique, which was also decorated with a “fashion poster” of Fran and friends called A Friendship with Fran is Always in Fashion…. plus other fashionable accents, like “Dinner at Eight” notecards.










As our fancy friend stylishly arrived and stepped into the “boutique,” I greeted her; but no one else was in sight.  Everyone else was hiding.



She surveyed the boutique, thoroughly confused, until the silence was broken when the theme from Masterpiece Theater began to play, evoking a very proper and regal ambience for our “Queen of Fashion.”

One by one her girlfriends came out to regally greet our fashionable friend.  

surprisepic3There were hugs, tears and lots laughter.  With the perfect music choice, and “fashion” all around, the tone of the evening was set.    From then on, it was all about our “classy” fashion queen, our very own Uptown Girl.

For her gift, we all pitched in for a gift card to Neiman Marcus, plus other fashionable gifts to open (see right). 


At the end of the night, we all sang to her the theme from the Golden Girls, “Thank You For Being a Friend.”  The perfect choice for someone who is a friend to all.

As far as what the evening meant to Fran, an excerpt from her thank you note to the group says it all:

“At my birthday party, as I looked around the room, I was experiencing such a feeling of awe to see all the amazing women there.  Each one is there for each other during the good times and not-so-good times.  A truly successful person is one who is blessed with a room full of such wonderful friends.”


Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.

–Kate Angell, Squeeze Play



We’re Having a Party!

YPTU BalloonsAnother time we started with a flash mob. Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly a flash mob, but indulge us.

Our “flash mob” made for a simply irresistible start to a party for two women in our circle – each named Joyce – who retired around the same time.

Both Joyces were picked up at their homes by Jackie and chauffeured to Carol’s house. Neither had any idea where she was going or what she was in for.  (Love the element of mystery.)

Jackie brought them to the backyard deck, where specially decorated chairs awaited them. Meanwhile, the rest of us were hidden behind the garage, waiting for Jackie to say the key words.

As soon as Jackie yelled, “Let’s get this party started!” we played the song:  “We’re Having a Party!”….one of the most fun and upbeat party songs out there.

As the music started to play, our “flash mob” kicked off.



YPTU TrainLove Train

“We’re having a party“….Barbara danced out, holding up a cardboard letter “C”….right in perfect rhythm.

“Dancing to the music“…. the next flashmobster came out with the letter “O”.

“Played by the DJ“….the next, the letter “N”.

“On the radio”……next the letter “G;”…..and so on until we were all lined up across the deck.

Together the letters spelled out …ta da….”Congratulations!”

We’re not afraid to be corny, and it ALWAYS pays off with big-time laughter!

Imagine being the guest of honor and having your friends greet you in such a crazy way?  Unforgettable!



Shiny Happy People

Regina (left) and Sharon share a toast to the guests of honor.



Below, Donna (left), Madeleine and Pat 





Diamond Girl

The two Diamond Girls were then draped in “celebration boas” and joined the circle to “get down tonight” with the rest of the crew.  It was quite a sight!

Note:  Always add a “Celebration Boa,” it brings out the diva in everyone!

Our choreographed grand entrance was as easy as 1-2-3, but it packed a punch and kicked the party right into gear….no need to warm up!



This party took place in the spring, so the theme was “Two Angels Retiring to the Garden.” 

At right is the cake, topped with two angels in a garden.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABelow, everyone went home with a flower to plant in the yard.  To each of the pots, I attached a ribbon and tag with a different saying about Angels.  This one says:  “To hear the hearts of angels, listen with your heart.”









Mysterious Ways

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it was time for Jackie to retire from teaching, the first thing that came to my mind was “Mission Impossible.”

First of all, I just love that theme song; secondly, reaching retirement seemed like a Mission Impossible!

I sent word out to the angels to dress up in spy attire. They are game for anything; and as usual, they did not disappoint. In fact, they outdid themselves.  (See Sharon below!)

binocularsThis time we had the party at an outside function hall, a rarity for us….and great fun.  They even welcomed us officially!

When Jackie arrived with her daughter, Breanna, everyone else, clad like detectives, was hidden.  Then the Mission Impossible theme started to play.   She was seated (right) while one by one the secret agents came out with props and costumes, acting the part.

They also carried several posters that together spelled out:

“Dearest Jackie….You thought it would be….a Mission Impossible…..But you made it!…Yahoo!…. Congrats Retired Angel!”

With the iconic theme song playing, it was doubled-over hysterical.  






Secret Agent Man

The costumes, props and hamming-it-up angels made the entrance grand, but without that iconic theme song playing, it would have been a mission much less-possible!

Later we played the “TV Theme Song Game” (you’ll learn more about that, too). 

Music always makes the magic — use it to kick things right off and, people, get ready, there may be some strange magic ahead!




One should take care not to

grow too wise for so great a

pleasure of life as laughter.

              –James Addison


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