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Welcome, and thanks so much for joining us!

You’ll note that music is a big part of this journey through the Party Pages.  Check out the SONG CHOICES as headings and titles.

These Song Choices are from my own playlists, what you might hear at my house.

Later, check out the artists for each of the songs on the Songster Reveal Page.  Or did you already know who they were?!




Glad You Came

Going back to my childhood, when I would invite friends to a sleep-over or a summer pool party, my focus was always on my guests.  Even as young as 10 years old, I simply did not want them to be bored at our house.

So, I would create games or activities centered on music and singing. And guess what? My guests were never bored at our house!

I’ve carried this basic strategy through the years, including parties for my daughters.  No matter the age, people respond to great music and it brings them together….like magic!


slides-1SONG CHOICE:

Piano Man

As proof of the power of music, watch how a guitarist or pianist draws people together; and, gasp, even gets them singing.

People love to sing yet rarely are given the opportunity!

As further proof, look at the popularity of piano bars today.  Last summer, three generations (my mother and aunt in their late seventies, me, and my two daughters) looked forward to the sing-along at The Front Porch Piano Bar in the seaside village of Ogunquit, Maine.

It was to be the highlight of our “girls away” weekend. The bad part: we couldn’t get in because the line was down the stairs! Waaaaaaah!

We could hear the lucky ones who got in singing out all through the village square. Not being able to join in was torture for this music lover!


Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.


                                                          –Ronald Regan


banner_singoff_smSONG CHOICE:

Break Away

People singing together always unites your people and ignites the fun.

The problem is you can’t always count on having the Piano Man (or woman), the Guitar Man (or woman), or even your Uncle John’s Band available to get your guests singing out like spirits in the day or night.

You, Superstar Party Planner, need to break away as leader of the band!

MP3 players, iPods, downloadable tunes, laptops, tablets and playlists have made it easier than ever to let the good times roll.   New-age technology meets an old-world custom in a way that is so simple, yet so effective that you will never be somebody that they used to know.

They’ll want to be on your A-List now and always!



You’re Here for the Party!

YPTU BalloonsHere’s your Party Agenda.  As you visit each of the pages, we’ll chat about:

Why, when, how we gather

Types of gatherings, including cancer support

How to make a great surprise entrance

How to play the S.T.O.P. game

Ideas for a fun Sing-Along

How to organize a Sing-Off

Musical Scripts for special occasions

How to play the TV THEME SONG GAME

Ideas for a fabulous Ladies Game & Benefit Night

And…one of my favorites….how to say thanks to your BFFs with a Ladies Night “Friendship Gratitude Dinner and Gratitude Scrolls”


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