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Welcome to the party!

Greetings from New England!

I’m Debbie, a semi-retired Lifestyles writer now  working in communications for my church.  My site and blog are a combination of all the things I love in my roles as a wife and mom, music and party enthusiast, home cook, volunteer, friend to awesome girlfriends, and Baby Boomer who loves to bring all the generations together, family and friends, for some fun!

I grew up in Massachusetts in an atmosphere of love, laughter, fun and music with two great parents and three brothers.   After all these years, we’re still bonded and carry on our fun traditions with our large extended crew.

aboutpic2At left are my daughters, LeeAnn (left), 31, and Jill, 27.

Below is Jack, my husband, along with our grand-pup, Stella — a delightful Boxer/American Bulldog mix.  They keep my life fun and fulfilled!

You’ll also meet the “Circle of Angels,” a multi-generational group of girlfriends who put aside busy schedules to enjoy each other and have FUN as often as we can.   KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


About this Site

In addition to dedicating this site in memory of  four close friends whom I lost to cancer in 2013, I hope to slow you down a bit.   Think of this as a “peace pocket” in your busy life.

YPTU, coffee or tea cupUnwind with your favorite beverage and visit each of the pages in sequence — just as you would chapters in a book.

No need to finish it all at once!

Also, click on “Blog” to check out my recipe posts, featuring many of the dishes served at our parties.

Here’s a recent visitor review:

Fabulous site, Debbie!  It’s so fun and exciting to read. Your party ideas are endless; and have me thinking about planning my next event. I also loved the dedications.  What a way to honor and cherish your dear friends; while sharing their special spirit with others.

Reading your website is like reading a wonderful girlfriend book together.  It’s a virtual scrapbook for everyone to enjoy.   I think you are on to something!  Bravo!!  — Sharon

So…got your “chill out” beverage in hand?

Okay, now it’s time to click — but never ‘clique’! — “To Parties” below.

 Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!           

                                                                                          ~Albert Einstein

To Parties!


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